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Endeavor Brasil - 27/11/2015

Hermes Gazzola is part of the 1% of the global network mentors who donated more time for Endeavor last year.

In 2015 Hermes Gazzola donated to the Endeavor more than 44 hours of mentoring to Endeavor Entrepreneurs, participation in the Grupo Trigo  and D’oce Docê  and is a key person for the viability of the Project Simplify, in Porto Alegre. In 2014 Endeavor launched the Entrepreneurial Cities Index, with the objective to analyze the entrepreneurial ecosystem of 14 capitals of Brazil. In addition to generating the comparison of best practices of 14 major cities examined, the study also aimed to create intelligence for the formation of public policies for entrepreneurship contribute to a business environment favorable to the emergence and development of strong companies that will grow, generating employment and income. Thus, in 2015, Endeavor did a pilot project (Project Simplify) deployment of this study here in Porto Alegre, worse capital to start a business of the 14 analyzed, with 245 days. The main objectives of the project is to make Porto Alegre opening time in leading companies in the country and develop a methodology that can be replicated in other municipalities. The project involved a review of the processes in the Department of Municipal Finance, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Department of the Environment, Department of Health, Department of State Revenue, Trade Board and Fire Department. The project, developed with the Integration Consulting, lasts 10 months contemplating a diagnosis phase, validation of solutions and implementation. The help and support of Hermes Gazzola was essential for the progress of this project, which benefits both our capital! Apart from companies that Hermes Gazzola came with the Council, he mentorou the SIRTEC. Since the last mentoring, the SIRTEC has made great advances, including the formation of an Advisory Board and the opening of a new operation in Bahia.

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